30+ years of experience in Osage County


Total well growth from 26 to 127


Net acreage is up from less than 3,200 to 14,720


Low-cost, shallow oil wells with predictable results

Why Investors Choose Warrior


  • Exploring for and providing oil and gas involves both risk and capital. The Warrior team has demonstrated the ability to manage both risk and capital deployment successfully over a 30+ year history of drilling and operating wells in Osage County, Oklahoma.
  • The acreage leased by Warrior is more than 92% held by production, meaning there is no annual lease renewal or termination, allowing full control over deciding how, when and where to drill.
  • Another contributing factor to Warrior being an extremely low-cost operator is that Warrior owns 50% of its midstream pipeline operations. This means that Warrior does not need to contract with third-party pipeline service companies to transport their oil and gas products to market, thus reducing overall costs.

Oil remains the source of fuel throughout the world, and consumption levels are actually growing rapidly. The International Energy Agency expects worldwide demand to grow at an annual rate of 1.2mb/d. By 2023, oil demand will reach 104.7mb/d, up 6.9mb/d from 2018. (Source: International Energy Agency Market Report Series, March 5, 2018)

Who Is Warrior?

Warrior Exploration & Production, LLC, is operated by J. Scott DuCharme and Robert Knappe, who combined have 30+ years of experience identifying and operating acreage in the long-established oil fields of the Cherokee Platform in Osage County, Oklahoma.

The Warrior management team has identified and acquired select properties in Osage County from distressed sellers at advantageous prices. Warrior continues to seek additional acreage in Osage County on favorable terms.

Oil and Gas News

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Oklahoma’s Rich Petroleum History

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What the Future Holds for Oil

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